Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Peplum Dress

I first clued in that 80's fashions were making a come back when skinny jeans arrived on the scene, next it was the multi-coloured tennis shoes, then the large belts and slouchy shirts and finally the peplum skirt.
While I was browsing for vintage just before the holidays I was surprisingly drawn to a blue satin strapless peplum dress. It was the colour and the pattern in the fabric that I was initially attracted to but after some consideration I realized that the all over effect was really cute.

I have to admit I am a bit prejudiced against  80's fashion trends making a reappearance so my initial reaction to the peplum was a resounding "ewww" and flashbacks to a three tiered cotton skirt I would not stop wearing when I was 10. I even thought of removing the peplum altogether because as a strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline it would be very stylish as well.

As I said the dress grew on me and I took it home and organized a poll asking women between the ages of 18 and 35 what their reaction was to this style of dress. Here are some responses....

Anya - Customer Experience Manager
I just bought a really cute dress with a peplum skirt. I love it, it looks fantastic. I thought it was totally 80s, but because I carry a bit of extra curve (and, that's in) I'm into anything that works with me in a flattering way. It reminds me a little of old Cadillacs and the wings. I think it can be really classic with a pair of heels. It's a really basic look that can add a lot of structure to a fairly ordinary outfit.

Kirsty  - Dental Hygienist

When I first encountered this style of dress/skirt, it was being worn by late teenage/early 20-year-old girls. I didn't initially think "that's so 80's", but now that you mention it, it IS very retro, and I probably would have worn something along these lines circa 1985. That being said, it makes perfect sense to me that girls in their late teens/early 20's would so readily grab onto this style ~ they haven't lived through it before! For someone who has leapt into an older demographic, I however, wouldn't wear it.

Joslin - student
- I don't find it 80s at all to me, but then again I wasn't around then.

Mandi - Hospital Patient Registration
I do not particularly find myself attracted to this style skirt....not because it is too 80's though, I just find it too fussy and it would not be my general style of dress. I think that with the right fabrication and details you can update any style and bring it into this decade, I just think this would be a difficult style to work with.

About Peplum
The word peplum originates in the greek word for tunic. The peplum is a short overskirt or ruffle that is usually attached to a dress but you can create the look by belting a fitted jacket or blouse at the waist. This style was popular in the 1940's where women's coats and dresses were designed in the peplum style to emphasize a small waist and classic hourglass figure. It appeared 40 years later in the 1980's and has been revived in 2009/10.

Let's just hope we don't see giant boxy shoulder pads, neon colours and wave bang hair do's!

                YES                                                      NO