Thursday, June 24, 2010

The One that Started It All

There are a couple of circumstances that led to my love of turning old fashions into new. Once upon a time I worked a short stint as a contract cutter at Preloved in Toronto and got to see first hand how they could take someone else's cast offs and create a wearable piece of art....amazing! But the job that started it all for me personally was the day Cathy called with the awesome idea of wanting to wear her mother's 1960's wedding dress for her big day....only tweak it a little to make it a little more modern looking.
Here's the result!

The before dress....I didn't get to see the back of the dress before all of the original lace was removed.

So I removed the lace and the sleeves above the bust, adding facings and interfacing to reinforce the shape of the now strapless dress! Easy peasy! I used some of the lace from the back of the dress to create panels to cover the obvious spots where the lace was missing and added some to the hem as well to make it a tad longer.

              Cathy in her dress on wedding day.                       Cathy showing mom the dress!

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