Thursday, January 31, 2013

Switch Swatch?! Which Swatch?

I normally shy away from small non-apparel sewing projects but a couple of months ago a friend of mine, Kate Lightfoot of Sapling Yoga donated two large bags full of fabric swatches to the shop. It is now my duty to figure out what to do with them! Luckily for me another fabulous friend, Interior Designer Gilles Charette of G3 Living happened by and graciously spent some time putting colours and textures together for me and offering ideas on how to match the swatches in case I want to make pillow covers etc. etc.

So here they be. Well a small sampling of them anyway.


Now to decide how best to use them. I'm thinking, clutch purses, iphone cases, makeup bags, laptop envelopes etc. etc.
Any other ideas?

Gilles sent me this link for yoga bags which will be my first project. Pics soon!

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