Sunday, February 10, 2013

Long Live the Eaton's Catalogue, Not to be Confused with the Sears Catalogue

So excited my mom happened upon these little beauties one day and brought them home to share!

We had a great time flipping through the pages of these catalogues stopping to laugh here and there mostly at underwear and appliances. The fashions are screaming with that rough and shiny polyester that no one likes to touch let alone wear anymore. Although I think these dudes particularly loved their fancy tops especially Mr. Moustache....

Ski Bunnies - Love the Green Suit the best.

Once a household staple, the Eaton's catalogue sold everything from socks to accordions to chainsaws and bath towels! Eaton's was the first retailer to produce a home catalogue and offered everything anyone needed for the home or family especially in rural areas.

There were a handful of things we found in the catalogue that I remember floating around our house as a kid. For example: Dinner set my parents got when they were married (bottom right)

This cardigan sweater I wore around a lot as a preteen thinking it was cool because it came out of my dad's closet when really it was just a huge static-electricity conductor. When I had it on I could have powered any light socket no doubt.

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