Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mint Love Mint

Sooooo I am happy to see that mint is the it colour for Spring 2013 along with button down skirts and other reoccurring 80's trends. Has Mint ever had it's day in the lime light or mint light? Alone and not paired with dusty rose or peach or another sad popular 80's colour?

Today I photographed a doozy of a vintage treasure that's been hanging around in my closet for about 8 years and will now have its day!

                                                      The Vintage Mint Wiggle Dress

Here are some of my other fave mint fashion pieces. This one is on Etsy!! click the pic for the link!

I have a major attraction to these 80's sweater vests!

Simplicity is best.

Because it's pretty!!

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